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2014 Cruvin Colline Savonesi

Punta Crena

2014 Cruvin Colline Savonesi Punta Crena - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant



Kermit once wondered out loud whether the grape used here, Cruvin, took its name from crudo (raw). It struck him as about as close as wine can come to tasting like freshly fermented grape juice, nothing added or taken away. I read somewhere that the name might also be an adaptation of Corvina, the red grape of the Veneto, to which Cruvin bears some relation (and the flavors certainly bear some resemblance). In any case, the deep purple, juicy Cruvin is an interesting foil to all the crisp, breezy seashore wines of Punta Crena. It works wonders with pastas, grilled veggies, roast fowl, or anything else off the barbecue. It is made to be swallowed, not sipped. –Dixon Brooke


  • Vintage 2014
  • Bottle Size 750mL
  • Blend Crovino
  • Appellation Riviera Ligure di Ponente
  • Country Italy
  • Region Liguria
  • Vineyard 11 years, 32-41 years, 62-71 years, .8 ha
  • Soil Sandy Gravel
  • Winemaker Tommaso Ruffino & Family
  • Farming Traditional
  • Alcohol 12.5%

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