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Our Guarantee

Vintage image of a man with wine thief, pouring wine into a small glass for another man

We only import wine we drink and enjoy ourselves, directly from the source.

Simply put—we taste everything we import. We go to France and Italy and build relationships with our growers. Often we visit for years before starting to work with a new domaine. Not finding what you are looking for? That is because our curated selection only includes wines that we import directly from the domaines that we represent in the United States, from whom we buy every year.

Image of 3 men rolling wine barrels in a cellar

Our wine tastes the same in your home as it did where it was bottled in Europe.

We don’t work through middle-men, agents, and negoçiants and we don’t buy on the second-hand or auction market. Our wines are transported from the growers’ cellars to our warehouse exclusively in refrigerated trucks and containers. This guarantees that the wine tastes exactly as it did in Europe when it reaches our shores. We guarantee 100% perfect provenance with every bottle.

Image of 4 men harvesting grapes

We’re always here for you.

Like the long-term relationships we build with growers, we build long-term relationships with our clients. When you have a question, need a pairing consultation, advice on when to drink a wine from your cellar, or just want to talk about wine, please give us a call.

[email protected]