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2017 Vino Bianco Elvio Tintero

2017 Vino Bianco

Elvio Tintero  Italy  |  Piedmont
“It is so light, I drink at least a bottle every day at lunch.”

2017 Moscato d’Asti “Sorì Gramella” Cantine Elvio Tintero

2017 Moscato d’Asti “Sorì Gramella”

Cantine Elvio Tintero  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Moscato d'Asti
The absolute best way to finish off any meal. Period.

2017 Monferrato <i>Rosso</i> Tenuta La Pergola

2017 Monferrato Rosso

Tenuta La Pergola  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Monferrato Rosso
Shipping included on entire order with 6-bottle purchase!

“Ross da Travaj” Vermouth Bèrto Vermouth

“Ross da Travaj” Vermouth

Bèrto Vermouth  Italy  |  Piedmont
Highly aromatic, slightly sweet, and pleasantly bitter on the finish—perfect in a spritz.

2013 Bramaterra <em>Rosso</em> Baldin

2013 Bramaterra Rosso

Baldin  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Bramaterra
Exploring the potential of Alto Piemonte, Nebbiolo’s other terroir.

NV Barolo Chinato A. & G. Fantino

NV Barolo Chinato

A. & G. Fantino  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Barolo
A deliciously aromatized Barolo, fascinating and complex with a long, herbal finish.

2014 Barolo “Ravera di Monforte” Benevelli Piero

2014 Barolo “Ravera di Monforte”

Benevelli Piero  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Barolo
Right in line with the Benevelli style: smoky fruit, hints of herbs and forest floor, and firm structure.

2012 Laboro Disobedient A. & G. Fantino

2012 Laboro Disobedient

A. & G. Fantino  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  Barolo
A throwback to the legendary Barolos of old.

2000 Nepas A. & G. Fantino

2000 Nepas

A. & G. Fantino  Italy  |  Piedmont  |  vino da tavola
This style of wine is an increasingly lost art—here is an example made by its surviving master.


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