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2017 Coteaux du Loir <i>Rouge</i> “Cuvée du Rosier” Pascal Janvier

2017 Coteaux du Loir Rouge “Cuvée du Rosier”

Pascal Janvier  France  |  Loire  |  Coteaux du Loir
Give this a chill and quaff away with Szechuan chicken or a spinach dosa (think Indian crêpe).

2016 Pinot Gris “Dorfburg” Meyer-Fonné

2016 Pinot Gris “Dorfburg”

Meyer-Fonné  France  |  Alsace
Try egg or spring rolls with a hot chile sauce, or a variety of spizy Szechuan main dishes.

2015 Riesling “Réserve” Albert Boxler

2015 Riesling “Réserve”

Albert Boxler  France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
Pair this with a subtly spicy dish, like a Thai green curry or an Indian dosa.

2016 Gewurztraminer Réserve Albert Boxler

2016 Gewurztraminer Réserve

Albert Boxler  France  |  Alsace
You can turn the heat up a notch with this Gewuztraminer! Excellent with hot Szechuan dishes or spicier North African fare.

2017 Bandol Rosé Domaine de Terrebrune

2017 Bandol Rosé

Domaine de Terrebrune  France  |  Provence  |  Provence
Look south across the Mediterranean and pair with a mildly spicy North African dish, like Merguez and couscous.

Maeve’s Pick
Bugey-Cerdon “La Cueille” Patrick Bottex

Bugey-Cerdon “La Cueille”

Patrick Bottex  France  |  Savoie  |  Vin du Bugey
This wine is as festive as they come! Pink, bubbly, and softly sweet.

2017 Vouvray “La Cuvée des Fondraux” Champalou

2017 Vouvray “La Cuvée des Fondraux”

Champalou  France  |  Loire  |  Vouvray
Drink this wine, which can go pretty far on the heat spectrum, with any kind of curry.

Steve’s Pick
2017 Pinot Gris Rosé Domaine de Reuilly

2017 Pinot Gris Rosé

Domaine de Reuilly  France  |  Loire  |  Reuilly
This Loire Valley rosé wonderfully complements Pad Thai or spicy coconut soup.

2016 Bardolino Superiore “Pràdicà” Corte Gardoni

2016 Bardolino Superiore “Pràdicà”

Corte Gardoni  Italy  |  Veneto  |  Bardolino
Put on a chill on this wine and grab some chile rellenos.

2016 “Sempre Cuntentu” Domaine Giacometti

2016 “Sempre Cuntentu”

Domaine Giacometti  France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio
This wine with burritos, tacos, or quesadillas will keep you smiling :)

2016 Saumur-Champigny “Terres Chaudes” Thierry Germain

2016 Saumur-Champigny “Terres Chaudes”

Thierry Germain  France  |  Loire  |  Saumur-Champigny
Singing with a veggie-heavy stir fry!


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