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Simmer Season Rosé Sale

by Madison H. Brown

Buy this collection 3 bottles

Lulu Peyraud’s bouillabaisse

Buy this collection 3 bottles

Buy this collection 3 bottles

Lulu Peyraud’s bouillabaisse
Lulu Peyraud’s bouillabaisse

I always look forward to these wet, cold-weather months when my kitchen windows steam up from hours of slow-cooking something rich and brothy on the stove. This season is when I dig into my rosé stash, and not because it tastes like “liquid sunshine” or promises to fill my head with visions of a seaside vacation on the Med. No, it wasn’t until I began pairing blush-hued bottles with soul-warming winter recipes that I became a true believer in Kermit’s “rosé year-round” mantra. With just the right balance of structure and refreshing acidity, rosé is a sublime match for meaty stews, rich consommés, or whatever hodgepodge of ingredients I’ve thrown into a pot. Though a red may seem the obvious choice to spar with heartier fare, rosé has an uncanny ability to invigorate the taste buds, elevating and enriching flavors at table (rather than rivaling them). There is a distinct playfulness in pairing bright rosés with winter’s deep, diverse flavors, and since all rosés are 30% off during the month of February, now’s the time to stock up! Use promo code ROSE2024 at check-out. Here are a few of my favorites on sale now.

2021 Bandol Rosé

Domaine de Terrebrune

France |  Provence

Discount Eligible $37.00

With a bit of age under its belt, Terrebrune’s complex and invigorating 2021 has opened up beautifully: lush fruit beneath garrigue-scented aromatics and a chalky core. Try it alongside bouillabaisse for a très Provençal experience.

2020 Vino Rosato “SuperLuna”

Masseria del Pino

Italy |  Sicily

Discount Eligible $59.00

Patient and meticulous, Cesare Fulvio and Federica Turillo allow their wines ample time to rest in bottle. After three years spent slumbering, the 2020 is at the apogee of its orbit, bursting with crushed strawberry and savory balsamic aromas. Italian wedding soup with Sicilian sausage or a Tuscan ribollita would pair well.

2022 Reuilly Pinot Gris Rosé

Domaine de Reuilly

France |  Loire

Discount Eligible $24.00

Citrusy aromatics, bracing salinity, and a mineral backbone make it a mouthwatering match for tangy, fresh-herb-laden soups like tom kha gai or pho.

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