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2013 Biancu Gentile “BG” Clos Canarelli

2013 Biancu Gentile “BG”

Clos Canarelli  France  |  Corsica  |  Corse Figari
A testament to the enormous potential of Biancu Gentile.

2016 Vin de France <em>Blanc</em> “Grotte di Sole” Jean-Baptiste Arena

2016 Vin de France Blanc “Grotte di Sole”

Jean-Baptiste Arena  France  |  Corsica  |  Vin de France
Golden ripe Vermentinu berries are responsible for this fleshy, succulent dry white.

2016 Biancu Gentile Antoine-Marie Arena

2016 Biancu Gentile

Antoine-Marie Arena  France  |  Corsica
A beautiful example of this heirloom white, revived from near-extinction by Arena in the 1990s.

2015 Quincy “Vieilles Vignes” Domaine Trotereau

2015 Quincy “Vieilles Vignes”

Domaine Trotereau  France  |  Loire  |  Quincy
This unheralded Sauvignon Blanc appellation rivals Sancerre, but in a style of its own.

2016 Riviera Ligure Vino Bianco “Antea” Tenuta Anfosso

2016 Riviera Ligure Vino Bianco “Antea”

Tenuta Anfosso  Italy  |  Liguria
Ancient vines of the near-extinct Rossese Bianco from steep terraces, skin-fermented and aged in acacia.

2016 Friuli Colli Orientali Pinot Grigio “Ronco Pitotti” Vignai da Duline

2016 Friuli Colli Orientali Pinot Grigio “Ronco Pitotti”

Vignai da Duline  Italy  |  Friuli  |  Friuli Colli Orientali
January Club Chevalier Selection

2014 Delle Venezie <i>Bianco</i> “Morus Alba” Vignai da Duline

2014 Delle Venezie Bianco “Morus Alba”

Vignai da Duline  Italy  |  Friuli  |  Delle Venezie
Old-vine Malvasia Istriana blended with a low-yielding ancient clone of Sauvignon—a Friulian masterpiece.

2016 Lumassina Punta Crena

2016 Lumassina

Punta Crena  Italy  |  Liguria  |  Colline Savonesi
Tart apple, lemongrass, and grapefruit braced with brilliant acidity and a light fizz that’ll make you say, “Ahhh…”

2016 Gambellara Classico “El Gian” Davide Vignato

2016 Gambellara Classico “El Gian”

Davide Vignato  Italy  |  Veneto  |  Gambellara Classico
Volcanic soils confer mouthwatering salinity to the Garganega grape in this racy, textured white.


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