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March | From the Archives: Nicole Chanrion

September 1996 Newsletter

by Kermit Lynch

March | From the Archives: Nicole Chanrion - Kermit Lynch
March | From the Archives: Nicole Chanrion - Kermit Lynch

If I did not like my other Beaujolais producers so much, I would tell you that Nicole Chanrion makes the best of them all, because when you have your nose in a glass of hers, you cannot imagine any other Beaujolais possibly surpassing it. And it is such glorious WINE, you know, so essentially, definitively wine-like.
    The aroma of her 1995 is super, a mixture of red fruits like raspberry and cherry, but above all crushed fresh strawberries, you know, the way it would smell if you picked up a bunch of fresh strawberries in your hands and mashed them up right under your nose. Forget any prejudice about wimpy Beaujolais. This aroma is macho. And it rises regally out of a solid, intense structure. This is typical Chanrion. One of a kind. And so swallowable. (Swallow two glassfuls and say swallowable five times as fast as you can.)

To read about the 2020 Côte-de-Brouilly from Nicole Chanrion, read Dixon Brooke’s piece here.

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