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Seasonality Sampler


Seasonality Sampler 12-Pack - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
Seasonality isn’t just a word that fancy “farm-to-table” restaurants have co-opted to indicate they’re going to be using a lot of kale. Despite how it might seem here in Northern California, where some years our rainy season lasts a couple of weeks max, the seasons and their changing bounty really inform the way I cook. I wouldn’t dream of eating a peach in January (provided I could find one outside of a chain supermarket) any more than I would expect juicy tangerines in July. But what has really focused this adherence to seasonality is that I’ve recently joined a CSA.

CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, helps farmers have a stable market all year round and means I get an ever-changing boxful of absolutely fresh produce (and pastured eggs if I want them—and I do!) every week. In a similar way that our wine clubs do, this weekly surprise helps me keep my mind open to trying new things and gently forces me to be creative and not rely on the usual suspects recipe-wise. I highly encourage you to join a CSA, and to accompany all your fresh-from-the-earth goodies, we’ve put together a fantastic assortment of reds, whites, and rosés to try.–Jennifer Oakes

P.S. Does anybody have any good recipes for (so far!) four different kinds of winter squash? Send me an email at, and we’ll post our favorites on our blog later this month.

2015 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi • Santa Barbara $12.00
2015 Gambellara Classico Garganega "El Gian" • Davide Vignato $14.95
2015 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie • Michel Brégeon $18.95
2015 Vouvray • Champalou $19.95
2015 Jasnières • Pascal Janvier $20.00
2015 Languedoc Rosé “Garrigue” • Château de Lascaux $17.00
2015 Corbières Rouge • Domaine de Fontsainte $14.95
2014 Valtènesi “La Botte Piena” • La Basia $16.00
2015 Savoie Chignin Gamay • André & Michel Quenard $18.95
2013 Corse Calvi Rouge “E Prove” • Domaine Maestracci $22.00
2014 Chinon • Domaine Bernard Baudry $25.00
2014 Bourgogne “Pinot Noir” • Bruno Colin $29.00

Seasonality Sampler 12-pack
Normally $228.75
(a 25% discount)

$172.00 $228.80
Vintage: 2013, 2014, 2015
Producer: 12-Pack

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There is so much contained in a glass of good wine, It is a gift of nature that tastes of man's foibles, his sense of the beautiful, his idealism and virtuosity.

Adventures on the Wine Route, pages 232


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