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2022 Toscana Rosato

Discount Eligible $29.00

From their idyllic hilltop perch in southern Tuscany, the Sesti family produces some of the finest Brunello di Montalcino out there. Call it a first-world problem, but you can’t drink only Brunello through the heat of summer. The necessity for a wine to be drunk cool during the warm months led the Sestis to create this rosato from Sangiovese otherwise destined to make Brunello (which they could sell for five times the price, by the way). It’s gentle and mouth-filling, perked up by a touch of salinity that recalls the oceanic vineyard soils—quite a sophisticated rosé that is nonetheless gay and carefree.

Technical Information
Wine Type: Rosé
Vintage: 2022
Bottle Size: 750mL
Blend: Sangiovese
Appellation: Toscana IGT
Winemaker: Elisa Sesti
Vineyard: 15 years, 3 ha total IGT
Soil: Oceanic Sediment
Alcohol: 12.5%
Vintage illustration of men rolling barrels.

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