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Bugey-Cerdon “La Cueille”

Patrick Bottex

Bugey-Cerdon “La Cueille” Patrick Bottex - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant



Here is one likely scenario should you choose to open a bottle of Patrick Bottex’s
seductive deep pink, effervescent, palate-tickling Bugey:
1. Your date is strangely entranced by all your stories and even giggles at your lame jokes.
2. She invites you back to her place for another glass of Bugey.
3. The next morning, she brings you breakfast in bed, naturally washed down with some cold Bugey.
4. You marry. The wedding is toasted with a ceremonial glass of Bugey.
5. On your deathbed, you share one final bottle of Bugey. You think back to how it all began, so grateful for the wine that made your life worth living. You experience feelings of life satisfaction and self-fulfillment.
–Anthony Lynch


  • Bottle Size 750mL
  • Blend 80% Gamay, 20% Poulsard
  • Appellation Vin du Bugey
  • Country France
  • Region Savoie
  • Vineyard Planted between 1960 and 2010 , 5.66 ha
  • Soil Clay, Limestone
  • Winemaker Patrick Bottex
  • Farming Lutte Raisonnée
  • Alcohol 8%

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