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The Summer Market

at Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Summer Market poster
Summer Market poster

“WHY NOT DO SOMETHING NEW?” That’s sort of how this started, and remember, that’s a big statement for a more-than-50-year-old shop.
     Our parking lot events of the 1990s and 2000s—loved by our customers, friends, family, and staff—revolved around good food and wine. What if we took the best parts of those events and gave them a revival?
     We stock our shelves with exceptional wines from small producers in France and Italy. The Bay Area is also chock full of small purveyors of fine foods, wares, and goods we love. And so we’ve decided to bring the wines of Europe and the talent of the Bay Area to one place.
     We couldn’t be more excited to present you with our first Summer Market! In this spirit of rekindling old relationships and building new ones, we’ve invited some of our favorite East Bay makers and creators to pour wine, grill sausages, cook pizzas, shuck oysters, hawk treats, honey, and other wonderful things.
    Now we just need YOU to fill the parking lot and enjoy a great summer’s day in Berkeley and some of the finest our corner can offer. Tents? Picnic tables? Music? Food, wine, and local gems? All Check. Join us!

11 AM – 4 PM


Wines poured by Chez Panisse • Pizza from Anaviv • Oysters from The Salty Pearl
Sausages from Picnic • Donuts & Chocolates by SoDo & EC Confections
Honey from Uplands Apiary • Music by Gaucho Jazz • and more!

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