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Les Blancs Du Printemps

by Dustin Soiseth

Buy this collection 2 bottles

Wildflowers in the vineyard

Buy this collection 2 bottles

Buy this collection 2 bottles

Wildflowers in the vineyard
Wildflowers in the vineyard

2022 Sancerre

Daniel Chotard

France |  Loire

Discount Eligible $39.00

At first, Daniel Chotard was a rather reluctant vigneron, returning to the family domaine only after pursuing a career in education. His son Simon, by contrast, dove right in, earning a degree in enology and eagerly continuing a family tradition that dates back two centuries. From their vineyards on the slopes around the village of Crézancy-en-Sancerre, Simon’s Sancerre is an honest, forthright expression of this classic region—crisp and refreshing, with a juicy ripeness imparted by the warm vintage.

2021 Gentil d’Alsace


France |  Alsace

Discount Eligible $23.00

You’ll often see terms like “steely,” “flinty,” or “bracing” to describe white wines. Indeed, those types of white wines are often among our favorites. However, sometimes steely or flinty just isn’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’ve been experiencing steely, bracing weather for the past several months and are yearning for something gentler. I tasted Félix Meyer’s Gentil d’Alsace on a blustery day after a big late-season storm, and it only took one sip to remind me that spring was around the corner.
     Gentil d’Alsace is a blended wine with rather strict requirements. At least half of the blend must consist of some combination of the four noble Alsatian varieties: Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Gris, and Riesling. After that, Sylvaner, Chasselas, and Pinot Blanc are also permitted. Additionally, all the constituent grapes must be vinified separately and meet quality standards before being blended. Though quite affordable and made for everyday enjoyment, Gentil is arguably more labor-intensive to vinify than an Alsatian grand cru.
     Félix’s wines are renowned for their stunning aromatics, and this is no exception. Exotic, perfumed notes from Muscat swirl around classic Riesling aromas like pear and nectarine. A beautiful pale straw color belies the dense stone fruit on the palate. The wine has tension and texture, and it finishes with hints of nuttiness and a lemon zest twang. Now, after all the work that went into producing this lovely wine, all that’s left to do is open a bottle and enjoy.

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