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New Producers Sampler

6-Bottle Pack

New Producers Sampler 6-Bottle Pack - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

$180.00 $225.00

The wine world—and, for that matter, the world in general—has changed quite a bit since my father launched this business in 1972. In a time before Google search and email, the hunt for new producers bore no resemblance to the way we go about it today. One must also not forget the complexities of geographically locating the wineries in question in a pre-GPS era: according to legend, Kermit traveled with maps of each appellation hand-drawn on a scroll with domaines of interest demarcated by the X of his plume, not unlike a pirate searching for derelict treasure on the depths of the ocean floor.

Today, we face different challenges: autoroute traffic worse than humankind has ever seen, an overwhelming number of new wineries to filter through in search of the very best, and the arrival of countless competitors just as eager as we are to find the next big thing. And yet, we persist: the KLWM portfolio continues to grow, as our palates remain attuned to exciting developments in far-flung corners of provincial France and Italy. While the majority of recent additions are Italian, we have not forgotten where we began, so we also have brand-new French producers to boot. In fact, the last two years alone have seen the start of several mouthwatering collaborations from both countries. You’ll discover six of them in this sampler, including two domaines from Burgundy. –Anthony Lynch

2015 Gambellara Classico “Col Moenia” • Davide Vignato $20
2015 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore “Capovolto” • La Marca di San Michele $24
2015 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Sous le Puits” • Domaine Larue $72
2015 Maranges 1er Cru “Les Clos Roussots” • Jean-Claude Regnaudot & Fils $34
2013 Alto Adige Pinot Nero “Filari di Mazzön” • Ferruccio Carlotto $45
2012 Chianti Classico • Podere Campriano $30

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  • Bottle Size 750mL

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