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Oyster Bliss XXI

by The Retail Staff

Oyster Bliss XXI - The Retail Staff
Oyster Bliss XXI - The Retail Staff

Oyster Bliss is back! After a seven-year hiatus, the most original of all Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant events has returned to our beloved 1605 San Pablo Avenue parking lot. The inaugural Oyster Bliss took place in December 1991—when eating raw oysters was a foreign and stunning idea to many, many customers. Kermit had to pull out all his creative writing stops in pitching that party to his clients:
      Look at one fresh on the half shell. The mouthwatering beauty of it. The colors. How it glistens. Slide your finger upon its surface. What an incredibly sexy texture. Some consider it an aphrodisiac. Others remark upon the rush of energy and well-being it provokes. The French attack a platter with gusto. Americans mostly say yucko. NOT HERE!
      You loyal customers took the leap with Kermit and became the devout ambassadors of raw oyster indulgence that you are today. For that, we thank you.
      The big white tents will go up, music and smoke will waft through the air, Curt Clingman will grill sausages and shuck oysters, Bartavelle will pour our carefully selected wines, and Christopher Lee, Old-Fashioned Butcher, will hawk his handmade, pre-packaged raw sausages. On top of all that, André Chatenoud, vigneron from Château de Bellevue in Bordeaux, will be in attendance.
      See you there!

Saturday, April 21, 2018 • 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Event presented by Curt Clingman and Bartavelle Coffee & Wine Bar

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