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2015 Vin de France <em>Rouge</em> “Costa Nera” Clos Canarelli

2015 Vin de France Rouge “Costa Nera”

Clos Canarelli France  |  Corsica
A grandiose monument to the power of Corsica’s heirloom grapes.

2017 Corse Figari <i>Rouge</i> Clos Canarelli

2017 Corse Figari Rouge

Clos Canarelli France  |  Corsica  |  Corse Figari

2017 Vin de France <em>Rouge</em> “Tarra di Sognu” Clos Canarelli

2017 Vin de France Rouge “Tarra di Sognu”

Clos Canarelli France  |  Corsica
The second vintage Canarelli has produced since replanting the incredible white limestone terroir of Bonifacio.

2017 Patrimonio <i>Rouge</i> “E Croce” Yves Leccia

2017 Patrimonio Rouge “E Croce”

Yves Leccia France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio
Full-throttle Niellucciu from one of Patrimonio's top sites.

2019 Vin de France <em>Rouge</em> “Faustine Vieilles Vignes” Domaine Comte Abbatucci

2019 Vin de France Rouge “Faustine Vieilles Vignes”

Domaine Comte Abbatucci France  |  Corsica
Perhaps the best introduction to Abbatucci's lineup of unique world-class wines.

2016 Costa Nera Clos Canarelli

2016 Costa Nera

Clos Canarelli France  |  Corsica

Tom's Pick
2019 Corse Calvi <em>Rouge</em> “Clos Reginu” Domaine Maestracci

2019 Corse Calvi Rouge “Clos Reginu”

Domaine Maestracci France  |  Corsica  |  Calvi
This wine beautifully marries the esprits of the Beaujolais and southern Rhone. It is at once juicy, festive, sunny, and spicy.

2018 Vin de France <em>Rouge</em> “San Giovanni” Antoine-Marie Arena

2018 Vin de France Rouge “San Giovanni”

Antoine-Marie Arena France  |  Corsica
The drinkability of a Beaujolais with the herbs and aromatics of the Corsican landscape.

2017 Patrimonio <em>Rouge</em> “Cuvée Sarah” Domaine Giacometti

2017 Patrimonio Rouge “Cuvée Sarah”

Domaine Giacometti France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio

2018 Vin de France <i>Rouge</i> “Ministre Impérial” Domaine Comte Abbatucci

2018 Vin de France Rouge “Ministre Impérial”

Domaine Comte Abbatucci France  |  Corsica
One of Corsica's finest reds, from a collection of heirloom grape varieties saved from extinction by Abbatucci's father.

2019 Corse Calvi <em>Rouge</em> “Les Marottes d’Anaïs” Domaine Maestracci

2019 Corse Calvi Rouge “Les Marottes d’Anaïs”

Domaine Maestracci France  |  Corsica

2016 Corse Calvi <em>Rouge</em> “E Prove” Domaine Maestracci

2016 Corse Calvi Rouge “E Prove”

Domaine Maestracci France  |  Corsica  |  Calvi


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