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Connections Sampler


Connections Sampler 12-Pack - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
Our world is getting smaller and smaller—our ubiquitous electronic umbilical cords never let us forget that something on the opposite side of the earth can have a great impact on our lives and local communities. But our culinary horizons are also widening, especially when it comes to the vast universe of new foods and beverages that we can access now. Home cooks don’t necessarily stick to the old family classics anymore but search out new and different flavors from many cultures to experiment with, a practice I am completely on board with. I subscribed early on to the travel/cooking/culture magazine Saveur, and had I known that Anthony Bourdain’s job was a possibility, I think my cultural anthropology degree would have made more career sense.
        Here at KLWM we have always been advocates of cross-cultural exploration and love to pass on stories of our food-and-drink-filled visits to producers, the minutia of wine pairing with the cuisines of other cultures (for example, did you know Viognier goes great with Moroccan food?), and in which tiny specialty shop to find Indonesian long pepper.         
        Food and wine should bring us all together, literally and metaphorically, so why not use this sampler to help set our global table? –Jennifer Oakes

2015 Reuilly Pinot Gris • Domaine de Reuilly  $20.00
2016 Languedoc Blanc “Garrigue” • Château de Lascaux  $17.00
2015 Coteaux du Loir Blanc • Pascal Janvier  $18.00
2016 Bordeaux Blanc • Château Graville-Lacoste $17.00
2015 Lumassina • Punta Crena $19.95
2015 Petit Chablis • Roland Lavantureux $22.00
2015 Languedoc Cabrières Rouge “Prémices” • Château des Deux Rocs $16.00
2015 Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba “Sörì Santa Lucia” • Il Palazzotto  $14.95
2015 Chinon “Les Granges” • Bernard Baudry $20.00
2015 Fleurie “Les Moriers” • Domaine Chignard  $26.00
2014 Cairanne • Catherine Le Goeuil $26.00
2008 Lussac Saint-Emilion • Château de Bellevue $26.00

Normally $246.95
Special Sampler Price
(a 25% discount)

$186.00 $247.95
Vintage: 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016
Bottle Size: 750mL
Producer: 12-Pack

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$181.00 $241.00

A good doctor prescribed the wine of Nuits-Saint-Georges to the Sun King, Louis XIV, when he suffered an unknown maladie. When the king’s health was restored the tasty remedy enjoyed a vogue at court. Lord, send me a doctor like that!

Inspiring Thirst, page 117


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