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Mark’s Farewell


Folks, it has been a great run here at KLWM, but after eight years, I am moving on. I am, along with my wife and daughter, headed to Maui. Is land life awaits: warm sun, tropical breezes, and delicious wine . . . well, two outta three ain’t bad! I have had a lot of fun writing my seasonal samplers, and I hope that you all have enjoyed them as well. It has been my pleasure, truly, to taste and then write about so many great wines, and a joy to find recipes to pair with them. Whether the theme was a Provençal summer or an Italian winter or preaching about the virtues of local, sustainable, organic food, my goal was to make you hungry and thirsty and, if you tried the recipes, satisfied!
    My time here means a lot to me. I will remember it fondly and I will miss all my colleagues and the great client relationships, but most of all I am going to miss the wine! But who knows—there may be some adventures on the KLWM wine route still to come.
    Please enjoy my Farewell Sampler. In the carton you’ll find some of the best recipes from past samplers, and (as always) you’ll find a mouthwatering selection of wines, including a few of my all-time favorites.
Bon appétit and aloha! –Mark Congero

Clairette de Die Brut • Domaine Achard-Vincent   $25.00
2013 Muscadet • Michel Brégeon   17.95
2013 Edelzwicker • Meyer-Fonné   18.00
2013 Petit Chablis • Roland Lavantureux   22.00
2013 Pigato “Vigneto Ca da Rena” • Punta Crena   27.00
2013 Bourgueil “Alouettes” • Chanteleuserie   16.00
2012 Languedoc Rouge • Château de Lascaux   17.00
2013 Dolcetto d’Alba “La Costa” • Piero Benevelli   17.00
2013 Vaucluse Rouge “Le Pigeoulet en Provence”
Frédéric et Daniel Brunier   18.00
2011 Lussac St. Emilion “Les Griottes” • Bellevue   19.95
2012 Marsannay Rouge “Les Longeroies” • Régis Bouvier   34.00
2009 Bandol Rouge • Domaine de Terrebrune   36.00

Normally $267.90
(a 25% discount)
This item is not eligible for discounts

Vintage: 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
Bottle Size: 750mL
Producer: Sampler

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$159.00 $231.90

Great winemakers, great terroirs, there is never any hurry. And I no longer buy into this idea of “peak” maturity. Great winemakers, great terroirs, their wines offer different pleasures at different ages.

Inspiring Thirst, page 312

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