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2020 Beaune 1er Cru “Les Montrevenots”

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One place where Pinot still decidedly rules the roost is on the Montagne de Beaune, home to the famed premiers crus that look down on the town below. Damien Gachot may be best known for his bright and delicious wines from the Côte de Nuits, but he’s been secretly eyeing the high-altitude terroir of Les Montrevenots for quite some time. Damien’s permanent and beaming smile managed to get even wider once he scored a few small rows in 2019 and elbowed his way into the elite club of the Côte de Beaune. It’s an exceptional parcel, perched atop the Montagne, directly above the Clos de Mouches, and adjacent to the start of the Pommard appellation, an ideal spot for making colored, complex, deep Pinots marked by the Beaune terroir while keeping a healthy splash of fresh fruit and acidity in the mix—essential to Burgundy in warmer vintages like this one. His grandmother, Marguerite Monot, who created and single-handedly ran the estate for nearly thirty years, would be proud to see what Damien is adding to her foundations, row by row, village by village, for us to drink and enjoy.

Discount Eligible $94.00

Technical Information
Wine Type: red
Vintage: 2020
Bottle Size: 750mL
Blend: Pinot Noir
Appellation: Beaune
Winemaker: Damien & Lise Gachot
Vineyard: 40 - 45 years, .4 ha
Soil: Clay, Limestone
Aging: Grapes are vinified traditionally in cuve for anywhere between 10-15 days, depending on cuvée and vintage, wines age in fûts (20-30% of which are new) for up to 18 months before bottling
Alcohol: 13.5%
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Discount Eligible $94.00