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Chablis et Environs

by Chris Santini

Buy this collection 3 bottles


Buy this collection 3 bottles

Buy this collection 3 bottles


2021 Petit Chablis

Domaine Roland Lavantureux

France |  Burgundy

Discount Eligible $37.00

The last few years, the Lavantureux brothers have been indulging us with some of the most majestic and decadent Chablis I’ve ever come across. Here, however, is a casual, playful side of Lavantureux (I picture it being akin to a Michelin-starred pastry chef making simple yet perfect chocolate chip cookies on their day off). This light, bright, citrus-infused, tank-raised Petit Chablis is an ideal sipper for spring and sun.

Henri Costal, a vigneron from Chablis, gifted the Collets—another family of vignerons in Chablis—their first-ever parcel of Vaillons when Henri’s daughter married a Collet son in 1952. Several decades later, Henri’s great-grandson from that same union, Romain Collet, resurrected Henri’s long-defunct label, as seen on this bottle, in homage. It’s a timeless label for an old soul of a wine. This creamy, smooth, utterly drinkable, delicious Chablis is for all generations to enjoy.

Historically, when the exclusively white-wine-producing vignerons of Chablis needed some rouge for their glass, they would conveniently turn to Irancy, the exclusively red-wine-producing region just a few kilometers south. Irancy did its job well; it is known for Pinot Noir with floral, fruity aromatics and slight tannic grip, as some of you may have noticed in our previous releases from Benoît Cantin. This micro-cuvée takes it a step beyond. Emeline is sourced from the domaine’s favorite bits of their favorite parcels and then long-aged in barrel for a deeper, darker Irancy. Until now, Cantin has sold this wine exclusively to their local clients who purchase at the cellar door. We’ve managed to get a whopping eight cases for the entire USA! Get it if you can.

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