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Inspiring Thirst

Kermit Lynch

Vintage selections from the Kermit Lynch wine brochure.

This book is a treasure: a compulsively readable collection by the revolutionary wine merchant who, almost single-handedly, has brought about a new understanding of wine as a unique expression of land, tradition, and people. - Alice Waters, owner, Chez Panisse Restaurant

For American wine lovers, Kermit Lynch belongs in the same company as Julia Child; he is a pioneer in rediscovering the vinous treasures of the Old World and making them accessible to the rest of us. These original notes from his 30-year master class are whimsical, passionate, erudite, and eminently thirst inspiring. - Jay McInerney, author of Bacchus & Me


A wine lover opening this book will feel like a child entering a pastry shop. You can read it straight through or dip into it, treat yourself to a vivid vignette about the family Peyraud at Domaine Tempier, turn to an essay on the mysteries of "vintage chart mentality," or savor a tasting note about a wine you loved in the 1980s that perhaps you still possess in your cellar. Besides inspiring thirst and the love of wine, the book will also introduce you to the taste and exceptional personality of a man for whom wine is like music: a complete work of art. - Aubert de Villaine

Kermit Lynch is the wine retailer of one's dreams - a man who will take you in and turn you on to the great vinous treasures of the universe; a man who inspires you to taste a world you hardly knew existed; a man devoted to your pleasure by inviting you to share in his. This book is proof that great wine is meant to be reveled in and shared. Don't miss it. - Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible

Kermit Lynch

You don’t have to be rich to cellar a great wine.