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2019 Riesling “Vieilles Vignes” Albert Boxler

2019 Riesling “Vieilles Vignes”

Albert Boxler France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
Boxler’s bottling of old vines is cultivated on impressive granite slopes that impart both dynamic acidity and lush fruit.

2019 Riesling “Réserve” Albert Boxler

2019 Riesling “Réserve”

Albert Boxler France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
Made from young vine fruit from Grand Cru vineyards, this Riesling delivers delicious fruit, crispness, and minerality beyond its price point.

2019 Riesling “Fronholz” Domaine Ostertag

2019 Riesling “Fronholz”

Domaine Ostertag France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
The Fronholz vineyard is known for producing craggy, mineral-driven Rieslings with bracing acidity.

2019 Riesling “Clos Mathis” Domaine Ostertag

2019 Riesling “Clos Mathis”

Domaine Ostertag France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
Delicious alongside black cod in miso soy marinade.

2019 Riesling <em>Grand Cru</em> “Muenchberg” Domaine Ostertag

2019 Riesling Grand Cru “Muenchberg”

Domaine Ostertag France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace Grand Cru
Ostertag’s “Mountain of the Monks” parcel has absolutely everything going for it.

2019 Riesling <em>Grand Cru</em> “Brand” Albert Boxler

2019 Riesling Grand Cru “Brand”

Albert Boxler France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace Grand Cru
Brand is Boxler’s most powerful Riesling

2019 Riesling Kuentz-Bas

2019 Riesling

Kuentz-Bas France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
Bone-dry on the palate, it features intense, clean aromas with excellent minerality.

2019 Pinot Gris “Dorfburg” Meyer-Fonné

2019 Pinot Gris “Dorfburg”

Meyer-Fonné France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
That grapes can be cajoled and fashioned to make such a liquid is miraculous.

2019 Pinot Gris <em>Grand Cru</em> “Kaefferkopf” Meyer-Fonné

2019 Pinot Gris Grand Cru “Kaefferkopf”

Meyer-Fonné France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace Grand Cru
Meyer’s 2019 is lovely stuff—fermented dry, full-bodied in style, it shines at table in a multitude of gastronomic settings with kaleidoscopic range.

2019 Pinot Blanc Albert Boxler

2019 Pinot Blanc

Albert Boxler France  |  Alsace  |  Alsace
This Pinot Blanc is weightless, sultry, and lengthy as the day is long.


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