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2019 Vittoria Frappato Portelli

2019 Vittoria Frappato

Portelli Italy  |  Sicily  |  Vittoria Frappato
The wine builds to a crescendo and leaves the palate stained and saturated with staying power. This is much more than quaffing Frappato. Irresistible.

2019 Santenay <em>Rouge 1er Cru</em> “Passetemps” Domaine de Villaine

2019 Santenay Rouge 1er Cru “Passetemps”

Domaine de Villaine France  |  Burgundy  |  Santenay
This outstanding Santenay is so expressive, with notes of red fruit, rose petals, peonies, and a touch of spice.

2019 Rully <em>Rouge 1er Cru</em> “Les Champs Cloux” Domaine de Villaine

2019 Rully Rouge 1er Cru “Les Champs Cloux”

Domaine de Villaine France  |  Burgundy  |  Rully
Les Champs Cloux fresh, with good acidity, but also among the domaine’s more robust reds.

2019 Pomerol “Pom ‘N’ Roll” Château Gombaude-Guillot

2019 Pomerol “Pom ‘N’ Roll”

Château Gombaude-Guillot France  |  Bordeaux  |  Pomerol
Dress-code-not-required Bordeaux, whose velvety tannins and supple structure fit more like soft flannel and worn jeans than a stiff suit jacket and tie

2019 Patrimonio <i>Rouge</i> “E Croce” Yves Leccia

2019 Patrimonio Rouge “E Croce”

Yves Leccia France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio
Leccia's earthy, delicious island-mountain wine is fun, accessible and pairs with anything from fish stew to pasta to lounging in the park.

2019 Patrimonio <em>Rouge</em> “Morta Maio” Antoine Arena

2019 Patrimonio Rouge “Morta Maio”

Antoine Arena France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio
A vibrant tonic akin to a savory brew of muddled stone, wild herbs, and salty sea air.

2019 Patrimonio <em>Rouge</em> “Carco” Antoine-Marie Arena

2019 Patrimonio Rouge “Carco”

Antoine-Marie Arena France  |  Corsica  |  Patrimonio
Aromas of black fruit, graphite, wild herbs, and game over firm, stony tannins. Saturated with flavors of the Île de Beauté.

2019 Languedoc Montpeyroux <em>Rouge</em> Domaine d’Aupilhac

2019 Languedoc Montpeyroux Rouge

Domaine d’Aupilhac France  |  Languedoc-Roussillon  |  Languedoc Montpeyroux
Proof that a great site and honest farming are key to genuine, long-lived wines.

2019 Eloro Nero d’Avola “Spaccaforno” Riofavara

2019 Eloro Nero d’Avola “Spaccaforno”

Riofavara Italy  |  Sicily  |  Eloro
The Padova family’s Spaccaforno is generous but not heavy, with suggestions of blackberry, licorice, and spice leading to a lively, chalky finish.

2019 Corbières “Rozeta” Maxime Magnon

2019 Corbières “Rozeta”

Maxime Magnon France  |  Languedoc-Roussillon  |  Corbières
The Rozeta features the exuberant, inviting perfume and velvety wild fruit we expect from a wine that underwent 100% whole-cluster fermentation.

2019 Corbières <em>Rouge</em> “Campagnès” Maxime Magnon

2019 Corbières Rouge “Campagnès”

Maxime Magnon France  |  Languedoc-Roussillon  |  Corbières

2019 Chinon “Cuvée Terroir” Charles Joguet

2019 Chinon “Cuvée Terroir”

Charles Joguet France  |  Loire  |  Chinon
The perfect combination of tart red fruit, herbaceousness, and graphite earthiness. Try it with this recipe for Grilled Palliards of Beef with Anchovies and Shallots.

2019 Chianti Classico Villa Di Geggiano

2019 Chianti Classico

Villa Di Geggiano Italy  |  Tuscany  |  Chianti Classico
Broad-shouldered, with hearty tannin and acidity and a dark, earthy quality to its fruit, it is a lumberjack wine that can cut through anything a Tuscan table can throw its way—wild game and aged cheeses are some of our favorites.

Bryant Vallejo's Pick
2019 Bandol <i>Rouge</i> Domaine du Gros ’Noré

2019 Bandol Rouge

Domaine du Gros ’Noré France  |  Provence  |  Bandol
This Bandol is a big, chewy, broad, chiseled, and full of character—kind of like Alain Pascal himself. Classic Bandol flavors are ready to be served with a chunk of braised lamb.


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