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2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Punta Crena

2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Punta Crena - Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant


Continuing our theme of farm-to-table olive oils from our wine and olive growers in France and Italy, this month we bring you one of the true gems of the Mediterranean basin: Punta Crena’s extra virgin oil, produced by the Ruffino family since 1500! The family’s olio is produced from the same olive trees as always, literally, as these ancient trees are now more than one thousand years old. The Ruffinos farm Liguria’s storied Taggiasca variety, which many insist is the world’s greatest culinary olive. Their venerable trees grow on stony terraces high above the Mediterranean along the Via Aurelia, an ancient Roman road that hugs the rugged Ligurian cliffs. This oil is light, aromatic, and flavorful—perfect for fish, salads, and the other Mediterranean cuisine you are likely to enjoy in the spring and summer months. –Dixon Brooke


  • Vintage 2016
  • Bottle Size 500mL
  • Appellation Riviera Ligure di Ponente
  • Country Italy
  • Region Liguria
  • Soil Sandy Gravel
  • Winemaker Tommaso Ruffino & Family
  • Farming Traditional

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